QuickBooks Accounting software has improved the accounting process by making financial duties easier. It offers many powerful features and functions to make your day-to-day business accounting easier. However, no matter how excellent it has grown, it still has faults and errors, which are commonly referred to as QuickBooks Error codes.

Because of technical problems or human incompetence, the number of error codes increases with each new update for more features and tools. As a result, in order to provide users with a comprehensive overview of all QuickBooks error codes, we have included all of them for your convenience. Furthermore, because there are so many error codes that can be confusing, we've separated them into categories based on their nature. So, let's get started.

QuickBooks Version with its Different Error Codes

QuickBooks Version with its Different Error Codes

QuickBooks helps small to mid-sized businesses to grow by streamlining their business accounting processes. To match the changing needs of the customers, QuickBooks has bestowed them with different versions of the application.

All versions of the QuickBooks application are designed to overcome the major shortcomings of the business accounting processes so that they can make the most out of their endeavor. However, different versions of the application throw different sets of errors when working with them. We have categorized the QuickBooks error code lists that can take place when using different versions of the QuickBooks, which are:

  • QuickBooks technical errors
  • QuickBooks Enterprise errors
  • QuickBooks Payroll errors
  • QuickBooks Online errors
  • QuickBooks Desktop errors
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale errors
  • Banking errors in QuickBooks

Error codes in QuickBooks help users to understand the nature of the errors along with their apparent reasons and the solutions that are more likely to resolve them.

quickbooks technical errors

QuickBooks Technical Errors

In a network or multi-user setup, there are numerous configuration files that allow QuickBooks to access the company files. When these configuration files become corrupted or damaged, QuickBooks technical errors can roll out. When opening QuickBooks files, you may face these technical issues. When working with QuickBooks accounting software, you may encounter a variety of error codes, including functional, configuration, server-related, and other data-related errors. Some common QuickBooks technical error codes are described below:


QuickBooks Error 6000: QuickBooks error code 6000 can come into sight when a user tries to access the QuickBooks company file. All the issues that come under error code series 6XXX depict a problem in opening the QuickBooks Company file. Besides, there are several factors that can evoke error code 6000 in the QuickBooks application. Running the QuickBooks File Doctor tool can fix the error in most cases.

QuickBooks Error H202: QuickBooks company files (QBW) are saved on a server computer in a multi-user network. All other computers connected to the network that do not host QBW files are known as workstations. QuickBooks error code H202 can take place when a workstation is unable to access a data file stored on another computer.

QuickBooks Error 3371: When a QuickBooks user re-configures their desktop or sets up their QuickBooks company file for the first time, QuickBooks error code 3371 is most likely to occur. Another cause of this problem is a corrupted Entitlement DataStore.ECML file, which holds the QuickBooks desktop's license properties.

QuickBooks Error H505:The H series of problems are very prevalent in QuickBooks, and when a user sees such error codes beginning with H, QuickBooks displays the error message "This business file is on another computer, and QuickBooks needs some help connecting."

QuickBooksDBMGRN Not Operating Problem: QuickBooks Database Server Manager helps QuickBooks to run in multi-user mode. However, when it stops working, you can face "QuickBooksDBMGRN Not Operating Problem."

QuickBooks Error 1603: QuickBooks error code 1603 appears when a user tries to perform QuickBooks installation or update their system. The missing installation file is the most apparent reason behind this error. This error code is commonly known as an install shield error in the QuickBooks program.

QuickBooks Error 6123: Error code 6123 is another technical issue from error code series 6XXX that occurs when opening a company file. It abruptly throws an error message that reads "QuickBooks Error 6123 0 ". "We're sorry, but QuickBooks is unable to open the company file."

QuickBooks Error 6190: When this error occurs, you may not be able to access your company records. There can be multifaceted reasons behind QuickBooks error code 6190 that can hamper your workflow, keeping you from opening your data file.

QuickBooks Error Code 15222: QuickBooks Payroll helps business owners run automated payroll and calculate taxes. However, you may confront QuickBooks error 15222 when updating payroll services in the QuickBooks application.

QuickBooks Problem 404: This technical error can cause disruption in both the versions of the application, QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. You can encounter this error when using web-based QuickBooks services, such as Go payment and Intuit data safeguard.

QuickBooks Enterprise Error Codes

QuickBooks Error Codes

QuickBooks Enterprise is an efficient solution that offers an all-in-one solution to manage and grow your business. It can efficiently manage your accounts payables and receivables, inventory, and order management. Besides, you can get intuitive insights for your business and make the best decisions that can help your business thrive. However, when using the program, you can get various issues that can hinder your accounting management. The main QuickBooks Enterprise error codes are mentioned in the below-given list:

QuickBooks Enterprise Error Codes

  • QuickBooks Error H101
  • QuickBooks Error Code 80029c4a
  • QuickBooks Error 3371
  • QuickBooks Error C=1304
  • QuickBooks Error 404
  • QuickBooks Error 6147
  • QuickBooks Error H202
  • QuickBooks Error 6189 and 816
  • QuickBooks Error 6000 77
  • QuickBooks Error 6177
  • QuickBooks Error 6175 0
  • QuickBooks Error 6000 80
  • QuickBooks Error 6129

The next step is to learn about QuickBooks payroll and its features, as well as its common errors.

QuickBooks Payroll Error Codes

QuickBooks Error Codes

QuickBooks Payroll software is designed for accountants and business owners to handle payroll-related tasks and other important functions. Users can use the application without facing any technical unease until an error crops up on the screen. QuickBooks Payroll can automate most of your accounting processes, including tax calculation and management. However, when managing employee payroll, you can get a myriad of issues that can cause hurdles in smooth payroll management. Below is the list of some common QuickBooks Payroll error codes:

QuickBooks Payroll Error Codes

  • QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 15241
  • QuickBooks Payroll Error PS033
  • QuickBooks Payroll PS058
  • QuickBooks Update Error Code 17337
  • QuickBooks Error 15106
  • QuickBooks Payroll Code Error PS032
  • QuickBooks Payroll Error PS077
  • QuickBooks Payroll Error PS107
  • Intuit QuickBooks Payroll Error 15102
  • Payroll Error 30159

QuickBooks Online Error Codes

QuickBooks Error Codes


QuickBooks Online is a powerful version of the QuickBooks application that can help you to manage your business accounting even on the go. You can access your financial records anytime, anywhere, and that too on your preferred device with the help of an Internet connection. Besides, it enables seamless integration with third-party applications to make it more powerful and efficient. Furthermore, managing and sharing data with QuickBooks Online is safe and easy. However, when using the tool, you can get several error codes, often known as QuickBooks Online error codes. Below is the list of some main error codes related to QuickBooks Online:

QuickBooks Online Error Codes

  • QuickBooks Error 102
  • QuickBooks Error 12057
  • QuickBooks Error 9999
  • QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5
  • QuickBooks Error 12007
  • QuickBooks Error 429
  • QuickBooks Error 15243
  • QuickBooks Error 6000 and 832
  • QuickBooks Error 179
  • QuickBooks Error 324
  • QuickBooks Error 108
  • QuickBooks Error 185
  • QuickBooks Error 121
  • QuickBooks Error Code 504

QuickBooks Point of Sale Error Code

QuickBooks Point of Sale Error Code


QuickBooks Point of Sale is suitable for businesses who want to manage their inventory, manage the process of sales all in one place. It can automate your business transactions using bar-code scanners, computers, and mobile devices. By simplifying the sales for your employees, it can drive more traffic to your business at the same time. Additionally, you can create individual accounts for the customers and store their information securely. However, like other versions of the application, this one also throws errors in several instances. below is the list of the error codes related to the QuickBooks Point of Sale:

QuickBooks Point of Sale Error Code

  • QuickBooks Error 2000
  • QuickBooks Error 1328
  • QuickBooks Error 3008
  • QuickBooks Error 4120
  • QuickBooks SQL Error Connection
  • QuickBooks Error 7149
  • QuickBooks Error 6105
  • QuickBooks Error 3007
  • QuickBooks POS error
  • QuickBooks Error 3180
  • QuickBooks Error 195
  • QuickBooks Error 100, 143
  • QuickBooks Error 77
  • QuickBooks Error 12031
  • QuickBooks Error 193
  • QuickBooks Error 6143
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale Running Slow

QuickBooks Desktop Error Codes

quickbooks accounting errors

QuickBooks Desktop is one of the most preferred versions of the QuickBooks application, which is locally installed on a computer or laptop. It has more powerful features as compared to the online version of the application. You need a license to run the QuickBooks Desktop version. However, multiple users can work with a single license. It means multiple users can collaborate to work on the same company file and that too at the same time. However, QuickBooks Desktop is no exception and can give a variety of error messages or codes as stated in the below:


  • QuickBooks Pro Error
  • QuickBooks Premier Error
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Error
  • QuickBooks Error 3371 Status Code 11118
  • QuickBooks Error H202: Multi-User Switching Error
  • QuickBooks Error Code 6000
  • QuickBooks Error 5502 Error: Missing Outlook in QuickBooks Desktop
  • QuickBooks Error 1723
  • Can't connect with company file
  • QuickBooks Error 392
  • QuickBooks Error 6123 0
  • QuickBooks Abort Error
  • QuickBooks Error Code 6168, -6
  • QuickBooks Error 61
  • Error 1311: source file not found
  • QuickBooks Error 3003
  • QuickBooks Error 6189

QuickBooks offers many in-built tools to resolve the common issues in QuickBooks Desktop. You can utilize these tools from QuickBooks Tool Hub to resolve common technical issues.

quickbooks banking errors

QuickBooks Online Banking Issues

QuickBooks Online enables users to connect their bank accounts with the software to keep track of the transactions, income & expenses and perform account reconciliation. You can connect the data of your bank or other financial institution and check if the transactions match exactly that shown in the account statement. When handling your online banking, you can get a wide array of the technical errors as listed below:

Error Code 102: Error code 102 means your bank's website is having some technical issues or is under maintenance. Try to log into your bank using the URL they've provided for its online banking service.

Error Code 103/310: Error 103 can take place when the login credentials entered by a user to log into the bank's website are not correct. Besides, error code 310 depicts that you need to update your login information in QuickBooks Online in order to get your bank records. If not, you will be locked out of your bank's account.

Error Codes 106, 324, & 168: These error codes can come into sight if the account has been closed at the bank and therefore no longer shows up on the website. To resolve this problem, first, make sure you can access all your accounts through the link your bank or credit card company provided to the online banking service.

Error Code 108: When QuickBooks error code 108 appears on your screen, it means that you need to take prompt action. The examples may include the renewal of the service terms, an offer, or an announcement about the site maintenance or changes.

QuickBooks Error 109: QuickBooks banking error code 109 shows that your financial institution's website needs you to update your password with them. To do it, visit the bank's website and sign in to update the password.

Error Code 155 in QuickBooks: Error code 155 occurs due to the failure in establishing a connection with your bank or financial institution. In this situation, you can either wait or contact your bank and request that they allow the connection.

QuickBooks Online Banking Error 9999: QuickBooks error code 9999 related to online banking can take place when updating your bank account. When the error occurs, it gives an error message on your screen that reads, "Sorry, we can't update your account." Please retry your update later (9999)."

quickbooks error for damage

Accounting Related QuickBooks Issues

Accounting errors in QuickBooks can include auditing errors, payroll errors, tax-related issues, clerical errors, and several others. Besides, erroneous data sharing between the users can also bring forth major accounting issues. Below are some main issues related to QuickBooks accounting:

Incorrect W-2 Filled: It is a common error that can take place when filing taxes from within the application. Besides, incorrect filling of the W-2 form can lead to the IRS penalty.

QuickBooks Error Code 3140: Error code 3140 can take place when the downloading process of the program gets damaged. "Status Code 3140. There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks item XXXX in the invoice line. QuickBooks error message: Invalid argument. The specified record does not exist in the list."

Reconcile Opening Balance Does Not Match Statement: It is an erroneous situation in the QuickBooks application wherein your opening balance does not match the statement balance. If the difference between these two statements is not zero, you need to reconcile all the transactions to fix the issue.

Incorrect COGS: COGS stands for cost of goods sold. When you enter an incorrect value for COGS, it evokes a discrepancy when reconciling the accounts in the QuickBooks application. However, you can get rid of this issue by performing an easy resolution procedure.

Incorrect QuickBooks Profit and Loss Reports: If you find that the profit and loss reports do not match in QuickBooks while comparing reports, you will need to make some adjustments to the program settings to rectify the problem.

Data Damages in QuickBooks

Data Damages in QuickBooks

Damaged data in QuickBooks can bring forth multifaceted errors in the QuickBooks application. Data damage means QuickBooks is not able to read your main data file. There are different types of data damage in QuickBooks as described below:

List Damage

You can get issues when accessing the Charts of Accounts, Vendors, Customers, and Employees due to damaged lists in the data file.

Structural Damage

This type of data damage can cause disruption to the table's header and oftentimes destroy the table.

Transaction Damage

Damaged or corrupt transactions in the QuickBooks Desktop company file can bring forth this type of damage in the QuickBooks application.

Link Damage

Every transaction in QuickBooks is linked to another in the basic structure of the data. If there is a damaged link in the data file, it can damage the entire company file.

Handy Troubleshooting Hacks to Perform for QuickBooks Error Resolution

QuickBooks users can face technical issues every now and then. These technical issues can be perplexing and infuriating at the same time, which not only hampers your workflow but also steals your peace of mind. However, before contacting a QuickBooks expert for these issues, you can utilize power QuickBooks in-built tools and some other handy solutions to get rid of the error:

  • Always use the latest updated version of the QuickBooks program to keep technical issues at bay.
  • When fixing any kind of data damage, save a backup of your company file to prevent any kind of data loss or disruption.
  • Running Quick Fix my File, and QuickBooks File Doctor tool can help you in troubleshooting a wide range of the common issues related to the QuickBooks company file.
  • In most of the error messages, you can get the recommended solutions within them. Perform before you try any other solution.
  • In case of a data issue, you can utilize the Auto Data Recovery option.

Other Common Errors in QuickBooks

Below are some other issues that can come into the picture when using the application:

  • QuickBooks Overflow Error
  • We're Sorry. QuickBooks can't open your company file
  • We're Sorry. QuickBooks Encountered a Problem
  • QuickBooks Condense Data Error
  • QuickBooks Data Validation Error
  • A corrupt transaction link has been encountered
  • Problem: There was an unexpected error reported while trying to run QuickBooks with company file
  • QuickBooks could not load the license data. This may be caused by missing or damaged files
  • QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error
  • A user has not registered the QuickBooks software, or the company file is damaged or corrupted
  • An error occurred when QuickBooks tried to access the company file
  • A data problem prevents QuickBooks from continuing
  • QuickBooks Rebuild Error. We couldn't fix some of your errors
  • A problem prevents QuickBooks from continuing
  • Error: There was a problem checking this company for import eligibility
  • QuickBooks found some problem with your company file


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