When you open QuickBooks, it sometimes freezes and doesn’t respond to any command. It is a typical error, and several reasons can be behind this error. To know about the root cause is the primary strategy to troubleshoot any error in QuickBooks. In this blog, you will find causes and troubleshooting methods to fix this error. You can also take the technical team help by calling QuickBooks Helpline Number, and a technical advisor will provide you with the necessary tips to remove this error.

What Are Reasons Behind QuickBooks Starts to Open Then Closes Issue?

Below are listed a few causes that are responsible for QuickBooks Not Working issue.

The company file name is no longer valid.QBWUSER.INI file may be corrupted or damaged. Crashed Hard Drive. Corrupted program files. The Windows Operating System crashed. Error in some program. Installation issue. Few program files are destroyed.

What Are Signs of QuickBooks Not Working Issue?

Go through a few symptoms that happen while QuickBooks is not responding.

Auto shut-down of your computer. Computer Screen stops or not responding. QuickBooks freezes and not responding to any command. QuickBooks is not opening.

How to Get Rid of QuickBooks Starts to Open Then Closes Issue?

QuickBooks not responding or freezing errors can be resolved by following some procedures that are discussed below. Remember that such an issue is Windows Operating System sensitive and you should try to fix it at your own responsibility. If you can’t troubleshoot it, you must take the help of the Customer Support team.

Before going to follow below procedures, perform some starting steps.

First, ‘Restart’ your computer. Open ‘QuickBooks Software’ and click on ‘Start’, then ‘All Programs’. Next, do a ‘Right-click’ on ‘QuickBooks’. Click ‘Ctrl key’ and open ‘QuickBooks.’

Method – 1- Use QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool
Download ‘QB Install Diagnostic tool. ’‘Save’ file to your PC. ‘Turn-off’ all the applications running on your system. Now run ‘QB install diagnostic tool. ’‘Restart” the system to confirm that windows are updated.

Method – 2- Restart Your System
‘Restart’ the system. After restarting it, open ‘QuickBooks.’ If the issue is still present, temporarily disable ‘Antivirus software’ in your system.

Method – 3- State the Name of QBWUSER.INI file
Navigate and locate ‘QBWUSER.INI file.’Press a ‘Right-Click’ and rename ‘QBWUSER.INI file.’Place ‘.Old’ at the end of the file.Also, state the name of ‘EntitlementDataStore.ecml file.’Suppose the program opens after renaming the file, look to open a ‘sample company file.’Suppose, ‘a sample company file’ is not opened, copy it to another location or a different folder and try to open it from the new location.If the company file is now opened, the issue might be generated from ‘a damaged folder.’If you still fail to login ‘company file’, check if it is corrupted or damaged.Restore the earlier ‘backup of company file’, and if again it is not opened, the issue is now due to ‘QuickBooks Installation’.

Method – 4- Reinstall Quickbooks
Uninstall and reinstall ‘QuickBooks’ after using a Company Install. This process will provide you the most recent ‘QB updates’ that can fix your issue.

Method – 5Generate A New Admin User for QuickBooks
Create a new ‘Admin user account’ in ‘Windows’ and then open your ‘QuickBooks’ using a new user account.

Method – 6- Open The Company File From Another Location
First, press ‘Windows+E’ key to open ‘Computer Window.’ Locate ‘data file’ with a ‘.qbw file extension‘. While searching ‘file’ on ‘server network’, locate on ‘network drive’ where the company file is located.Now, open ‘C: Drive.’Create a new folder.Name the folder as ‘QBTEST.’Open ‘QBTEST folder’ and paste the company file here.Hold ‘Ctrl key’ simultaneously to open ‘QuickBooks.’Restore an ‘Existing file’ through ‘QBTEST folder.’Now open the ‘Company file’ stored in ‘QBTEST folder’.

You have gone through the above procedures but can’t open QuickBooks. It means you must take the technical tips by calling QuickBooks customer care to fix QuickBooks Starts to Open Then Closes error.