QuickBooks is one of the advanced and prominent accounting software used by millions of users for managing and maintaining accounts, transactions, invoices, payroll system, taxes, etc. When you try to open QuickBooks, you have faced an error 80029c4a in QuickBooks. Error 80029c4a is also known as the Loading type library or run-time error caused by a damaged company file.

You will find the best troubleshooting solutions to fix this error and the possible causes behind this error after reading this blog. QuickBooks is used in all sized industries from small to medium and startup to large-scale. To get an appropriate solution frequently, you must call QuickBooks Customer Care to troubleshoot this error.

What Are The Causes of QuickBooks Error 80029c4a?

QuickBooks Error 80029c4a is an unexpected error that occurs because of a damaged or corrupted company file. The error is caused due to many factors listed below.

  • Corrupted or damaged ‘QuickBooks desktop files’.
  • Users can locate ‘a company file’ or can’t open ‘a damaged file’.
  • Antivirus has incorrectly selected ‘a file damaged with viruses or malware.
  • Corrupted ‘Windows registry’.
  • Inaccurate ‘QuickBooks Pro software’ installation.
  • This error occurs during ‘Windows shutdown’ or ‘startup’ or during ‘Windows operating system installation’.‘
  • QuickBooks component’ doesn’t start properly, or ‘DLL files’ are missing or corrupted.

Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 8002900c4a?

QuickBooks methods are useful in eliminating error code 80029c4a. It is one the best replies to a question asked by many users, ‘How to Resolve QuickBooks error code 80029c4a’ and go through these methods in detail.

Solution – 1

Upgrade Avast Program and Virus Definition

First of all, open an ‘Avast Virus’ definition and update all your ‘programs’.

  • If you are using any other ‘antivirus program’, ‘update’ it first.
  • Put a right-click on the ‘Avast’ icon.
  • Choose the ‘update’ option.
  • Press on a ‘Program’ tab and then follow the instructions to update your ‘Avast program’.
  • Repeat the above steps ‘1-3 times’ and choose the ‘Engine and Virus’ option.

Solution – 2

Run the Reboot.bat file

  • First, close your ‘QuickBooks desktop’.
  • Choose and open the ‘folder’ which you wish to ‘reboot.bat file’
  1. Press a right-click on ‘QuickBooks Desktop.’
  2. Now choose ‘Properties.’
  3. Press on ‘Open file location’
  • Give a right-click on the ‘reboot.bat file’ and choose ‘Run As System Administrator’.
  • Confirm you have run reboot.bat as the ‘Windows Administrator’.
  • Check it through ‘Windows folder options settings’ that is showing bat, reboot or reboot.bat
  • Never close the ‘window’ manually. It will be shut down when ‘reboot.bat utility’ is completed.
  • Finally, ‘restart’ your computer.

Solution – 3

Update Your QuickBooks Desktop

  • Reinstall ‘QuickBooks desktop’ using a ‘clean install.’
  • Update ‘QuickBooks desktop’ with the latest version
  • Go to the ‘File menu’ and press ‘Close Company or Logoff.’
  • Tap on ‘File’ and then go to ‘Exit.’
  • Confirm it as ‘System Administrator.’
  • Remember that ‘No Company open’ on your desktop screen
  • Now, go to the ‘Help menu’ option and then select ‘Update QuickBooks’
  • Choose ‘Options’ and then choose the ‘Mark All’ button and then press on the ‘Save’ button
  • After that, press ‘Update Now’ and then press on ‘Reset Update’ and then choose the ‘Get Updates’ option
  • Once the update process is completed, a ‘pop-up screen’ will appear
  • Press ‘Alt’ + ‘F4 keys’ or ‘Esc’ to close ‘QuickBooks desktop.’
  • If pop-up for the update is displaying on ‘QB desktop.’ Press the ‘Yes’ option‘
  • Restart’ your computer once the update is completed.

If any of these troubleshooting steps are not beneficial in eliminating this error, call customer care to fix it.

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