QuickBooks is undeniably one of the best accounting programs that can help you in managing your financial data and taxes. You can not only make your accounting processes efficient but also make well-informed decisions based on insightful data the program yields. However, technical issues are an integral part of using the QuickBooks application. Some of these issues are technical; whereas, some are human errors. Fortunately, you can talk to a QuickBooks live person on the arrival of an error. Once connected, you can describe your issues in detail and get the most relevant solutions when needed. Reading this post until the end can help you with your quest on how can I talk to a live person at QuickBooks. Let’s find out!

How Do I Talk to A Live Person in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is a vast accounting software that relies on a huge codebase. It makes QuickBooks prone to several technical issues. Besides, some issues are caused when the system requirements are not fulfilled when downloading the program or setting up multi-user hosting in the program. These errors are categorized by several error-code series that depict a specific type of error. When facing an error in the program, you can connect to QuickBooks live chat or talk to a real person.

If you are not sure how to contact QuickBooks, the below-given steps can help:

  • First thing first, reach out to QuickBooks customer service by dialing 1-800-446-8848.
  • Next, log into your online QuickBooks company by entering accurate login credentials.
  • Thereafter, you need to go to the Help section.
  • Next, select Contact Us to proceed further.
  • Here, you need to mention the problem you are facing and then select the Let’s talk option.
  • You may also choose to connect with the QuickBooks team by starting a chat with the support expert.
  • By doing so, you would receive a call back from the available professional from the QuickBooks assistance team.

These steps can help you with your query on how do I talk to someone at QuickBooks.

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How Do I Contact QuickBooks Online Support? Different Ways

Below are some helpful ways to connect with the QuickBooks helpline team:

1: Contact Directly to QuickBooks Official Helpline Number

Wondering how to reach out to QuickBooks online support when an error takes place? There are not one but many ways that can connect you with the QuickBooks technical assistance team. One of the simplest ways is to talk to a QuickBooks expert directly by dialing the QuickBooks helpline number, which is – 1-800-446-8848. It enables users to get help anytime, anywhere so that they can save their time and efforts in the error resolution. Besides, the security of your crucial accounting data remains intact when rendering the QuickBooks assistance services.

2: Reach Out to QuickBooks Team by Sending Email

If you are unable to connect to the contact number but need help with a perplexing QuickBooks error code, just send an email to the QuickBooks technical expert specifying the issue you are facing. When composing your email, you can mention the error code and error messages you are getting on your screen. Once the mail is sent, wait patiently for the revert. The team will reply to your email with the relevant information that can help in troubleshooting the error.

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3: Connect with QuickBooks Live Chat Support

Does QuickBooks have a live chat support? The answer is Yes! There are millions of users who trust QuickBooks to handle their day-to-day business accounting. It is why QuickBooks offer its live chat support to help with their technical hurdles. All you need to do is to request a live chat session and soon you will be assigned a representative who will look into the matter. If you find it difficult to resolve the issue via chat, just request a call back to talk on the phone. 

4: Make A Visit to The Support Page

Now that you know do you get a call back in QuickBooks, here is another way to reach out to QuickBooks customer experts. QuickBooks support page or community forum is a place where people post their issues or queries and experts post information that can help you fix the problem. For instance, if you are wondering how do I call QuickBooks Payroll support, you can simply post this search query on the QuickBooks community forum and get relevant answers on it.

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How Do I Talk to A Live Person in QuickBooks Online?

Before we discuss how to contact a live person in QuickBooks, it is crucial to understand why people want to connect with a live person. QuickBooks error messages and error codes are perplexing in nature and users who are not tech-savvy feel it really difficult to resolve their QuickBooks related issues on chat or email. In such a case, connecting with an expert on call helps them acquire step-by-step and intelligible information on the error resolution. Below is how you can connect with a live person in QuickBooks Online:

  • In the first place, you need to sign in to your QuickBooks Online account using accurate login credentials.
  • Now navigate to the Help section wherein, you can choose the available options.
  • Here, you need to select the talk to a human option and also type it again when prompted.
  • Moving ahead, select I still need a human.
  • Now that you have selected the correct option, click on Contact Us.
  • Thereafter, you need to enter your issues in detail and then proceed further with the option Let’s talk!

The above-given steps can help you on how do I speak to a live person at QuickBooks.

How Do I Call QuickBooks Payroll Support?

QuickBooks Payroll service enables you to access payroll features in your QuickBooks Desktop application. Based on your specific requirements, you can use Basic, Enhanced, or Assisted payroll services. By choosing the assisted payroll services, you can get free expert support and Intuit’s assistance in setting up employee payrolls, creating paychecks, direct deposit for employees and other features it offers. Although, free expert support is also available for the basic and enhanced versions of the program, but for the limited features.

Below are different ways to connect to a QuickBooks Payroll support:

1: Visit the Support Page

If you are seeking an expert’s help for a QuickBooks payroll-related issue, make a visit to the official website and navigate to the support or contact us section. When you click this option, it will show up a pop-up menu on your screen where you can find the contact number on your screen. Dialing the official contact support number will connect you to a QuickBooks expert who can guide you with your technical hurdles.

2: Contact Via Phone 

If you want an immediate resolution for the error, dialing Intuit’s official customer helpline number given in this post can help you to talk to an expert. You may also call on (877) 300-7345 to connect with an expert. However, this number is accessible from Monday to Friday, 6 am -5 pm PST.

3: Reach Out Via Online Chat

If you are unable to contact a QuickBooks expert via phone, worry not! There is another method for you that can help you in reaching out for the desired help. The chat option is also available on Intuit’s official website. Here, you can describe the problem you are facing. Based on the assessment of your technical problem, they will guide you with the most relevant and effective solutions.

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How Do You Get A Call Back In Quickbooks? 

There are instances when you want an instant troubleshooting solution for a crucial QuickBooks issue. For instance, you don’t want to wait when there is a hovering threat on your crucial accounting data. If you are unable to connect to an expert on call, you may use different ways to get a call back from the QuickBooks professionals. You can reach out to the QuickBooks customer support page, connect with a live chat expert and request a callback, or simply post your query on the community forum on How can I talk to a live person at QuickBooks.

How to Connect with QuickBooks Experts Via Social Media Platforms?

QuickBooks is one of the most preferred accounting solutions, thanks to its prompt and hassle-free customer support services. You can call, chat, email, or text QuickBooks to get relevant support from experienced professionals. After understanding how to talk to a live person at QuickBooks, let’s discuss another method to get help from QuickBooks, which is social media. You can contact QuickBooks using various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and several others. Below are the links for the various social media channels you may reach out on getting a QuickBooks error message on your screen:

Summing It All Up! 

Being software, QuickBooks is not devoid of technical issues like other applications. However, technical errors not only kill your time and effort but also hamper peace of mind. Fortunately, QuickBooks offers relevant help to the users who try to get rid of an error in the program. This post elaborates on how to contact QuickBooks experts to get immediate technical support. We hope, you find this post helpful!