By reconciling your bank account with QuickBooks, you can even review if there are some problems and differences in your transaction. However, due to technical issues, there are various times when a user faces issues related to their bank account in QuickBooks. One of the most common banking errors is QuickBooks Banking Error 102 and 105. There can be multiple reasons behind this error, so read out this blog to know the process to Fix QuickBooks Banking Error 102 and 105.

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QuickBooks Banking Error 102 and 105: Description

The QuickBooks Banking error 102 occurs due to some bank’s website issues. It simply signifies that the Website is under maintenance. QuickBooks 102 errors can prevent you from accessing your Bank account or bank transactions in QuickBooks.

The error message you get on your QuickBooks Online when error 102 occurs is:

“QuickBooks Online (QBO) is currently unable to establish a connection to your bank’s website.”

However, when QuickBooks error 105 occurs, you might not be able to exchange information between QuickBooks online and your Banking website. This error is also due to the bank’s website issue and shows an alert:

“We’re sorry, but we can’t export your data.”

What are the Factors that promote QuickBooks Banking Error 102 & 105?

There are multiple reasons behind QuickBooks Banking Error 102 & 105. Let’s look at a few common factors:

QuickBooks Banking Error 102:

  • The error is due to your financial institution.
  • You are connected to the wrong credit card account while using online banking.
  • If you provided an incorrect username or Password to access the bank’s Website in QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks Banking Error 105:

  •  If you are using an unstable Network Connection.
  • Bank-related problems can also promote error 105.
  • If you deleted your imported or downloaded file by mistake.
  • Incompatibility between the system and the QuickBooks software.
  • If there are discrepancies in the information.
    Symptoms of 102.

If you are still wondering how to determine the error code 102 in QuickBooks, then you have to check its common symptoms, which are mentioned below:

  • Your System and Operating System work slowly, and sometimes they don’t show any response to your Mouse or keyboard command.
  • Your System crashes Frequently, and you might lose your Data if not saved properly.
  • Interruption in installation.
  • You can download the banking transactions easily from online banking.
  • A blue loading circle keeps spinning on your screen.
  • An error message will appear on your screen.
  • You can’t view the banking transaction.

How to Fix QuickBooks Banking Errors 102 and 105?

Now that you understand the reasons behind the QuickBooks Banking errors 102 &105, let’s learn the methods to resolve this problem:

First Solution: Manual Update of your Bank Connection

In the initial stage, you have to update your banking connection manually; follow the given procedure to do so:

  1. Open QuickBooks Online.
  2. After that, Sign in to QuickBooks Online with your correct login credential.
  3. Next, navigate to Banking and click on Update.

However, if the QuickBooks error 102 and 105 continues, even after updating the bank connection, then move ahead to the next method.

Second Solution: Check the Website of your Bank

At times, you might face errors 102 & 105 due to an issue in your Financial institute’s Website, so in such situations, you can simply follow the given instructions:

  1. Initiate the process by Signing in to your Financial Institute’s Website.
  2. If there is any issue with logging in, then move to your bank or credit card company.
  3. After that, review if you have any notifications or messages about the error.
  4. In the error notification, you can also see the exact reason why you are facing banking errors 102 & 105.
  5. Thereafter, find the possible causes related to the account page, transaction, and history.

But if you can’t find any error, then maybe the issue is in the network connection you are using.

Third Solution: Verify your Account details

The error might happen as you are not able to connect to your Bank, so to eliminate the error, you have to connect your Account in QuickBooks Online:

  1. Open Menu, and click on Banking.
  2. Suppose you are linking to a bank for the first time, then in such cases, you have to navigate to the Search option.
  3. Then search for your Bank from the list of banks available.
  4. However, if you are already connected to a bank, then hit on the Add Account option, and look for the name of your Bank.
  5. Now, Select your Bank from the given list.
  6. Next, Enter your User ID/Login ID and Password for the financial institution’s Website and click on Continue.
  7. Thereafter, according to the Bank’s requirement, complete the further security verification steps and hit on Connect Securely.
  8. Now, hit on the Bank’s symbol to connect it.
  9. Next, from the drop-down menu, choose your bank type or credit card account.
  10. If you don’t have an existing account, make a new one using the Add+New key.
  11. Once you connect your new account, the QuickBooks software will download all the transactions for the last 90 days.
    Note: You can even download the transaction for a shorter number of days.
  12. Then select the Connect option.
    Note: It can be a bit time taking for you.
  13. Then, Once you are done with the download process, you will reach the banking page on your banking page automatically.
  14. Next, check the review tab; it will have all the transactions that were downloaded from your financial institution.

Fourth Solution: Verify your Account’s status

You might face error 102 if your account is new to the Bank. Always remember that a few of the new accounts don’t work efficiently with QuickBooks online banking. So in such cases, you can call the financial institute or Credit card and ask for help.

Fifth Solution: Allow the Bank to Correct the Error

If you tried all the above procedures, and none of them worked for you, then in such scenarios, contact the Financial Institute. They will try to solve your problem within the next 24 hours from the time you contact them.

Final words!

By following these methods, you can fix QuickBooks Banking Error 102 and 105. However, if you get stuck in between some processes or need any to solve the error instantly, then you can get in touch with our email professionals via live chat. You can even email us your Queries at If you avail of priority support instantly, then dial a toll-free number 1888-405-0630, and feel free to share your queries.